Judging Barry Bonds Steroid Use

blind justice

Who are we to judge Barry Bonds' steroid use? If Barry Bonds was an average or slightly above average baseball player, he would have been forgotten by now. He would have played an extra year or two of baseball, and retired like every other major leaguer. However, because Barry Bonds was arguably the greatest baseball player in the history of Major League Baseball, the topic will never die. Pressure was put on the GMs of Major League teams, and no one would sign Barry Bonds. In Barry Bonds' last year, he hit 28HRs with a .480OBP in only 340 at bats, but with all the hatred towards Bonds, no one wanted to risk signing him in fear of fan backlash. (Or MLB front office backlash!)

Many hate Barry Bonds, many said they will never watch baseball again, and that he ruined the sport. However, the majority that judge him, know very little about baseball. A steroids cycle won't help you hit a home run if you can't hit the ball. Steroids or not, Barry Bonds was perhaps the greatest hitter of all time. Steroids have been in the game of baseball for decades, he didn't introduce them to the game, he was caught up in the steroid scandal involving an undetectable steroid. There are thousands of baseball players that used steroids before Barry Bonds, and thousands that will use after Barry Bonds. Not only baseball players, but all athletes look for that 'edge', and most will do whatever it takes to get that edge. People forgot about McGwire. People forgot about Manny Ramirez, and he was caught only a short while ago! But people will never forgive or forget Barry Bonds